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The most affordable house cleaning is regular visits, keep your home always clean and save. A clean house affects positively oyur mood, you fell productive, it is great for reducing the effect of allergens, bacteria and other unhealthy substances, keeping you and our family safe. Regular House Cleaning

Try our affordable house cleaning with a regular service, keep your home always clean and save. A clean house positively affects your mood, you feel productive, and it is also great for reducing the effect of allergens, bacteria and lots of other unhealthy substances, keeping you and your family safe. Call 415 766-8200 and SAVE!
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Pick Your Cleaning Schedule

  • Weekly: Popular for busy homes and busy moms, professionals with social commitments.
  • Every other week: If you are neat that works too, with kids? not so much!
  • Monthly: A great choice to keep your house cleaning within budget.
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Keep in mind that regular house cleanings will cost less than a one-time or occasional house cleaning services, because we'll give you up to 20% discount on our cleaning services. Up front pricing, use our PRICE ESTIMATOR!

Occasional House Cleaning

No matter when, some day you'll have to get your house cleaned! We are good for that too, great for people visiting you, get togethers or just for the sake of having your house cleaned by well trained professionals. Once you get our affordable house cleaning, you will be wishing to have it frequently!

The moving in/out process is exausting, so many things to to do! Gigi's House Cleaning Services SF can help the process without breaking your budget.Move in  or out House Cleaning

Looking for Affordable Moving in or out, Deep Cleaning or Regular house cleaning service in the San Francisco Bay Area? Book your cleaning service now! Serving San Francisco, Daly City, South San Francisco, Berkeley, Sausalito, San Bruno, Oakland.
The moving in/out process is so exausting, so many things to do! Gigi's House Cleaning Services SF can help with the process without even breaking your budget. Our move in and  move out cleaning services are perfect for tenants or landlords and property managers - we take care of the hassle of moving in or out.
affordable house cleaning booking

House Cleaning Tasks:

Bathrooms: A  top to bottom cleaning. First, we clear the room of cobwebs and wipe clean all the countertops, sink basins, faucets, mirrors, bathtub, shower box and shower door. Finally, we sanitize the toilet (inside and out) and vacuum and mop the floor.
Kitchen: All appliances are wiped clean (toaster, blender,coffee maker, etc.) then the inside of your microwave. Next, we scrub the stovetop and greasy vent hood. Work on the cabinets, countertops, kitchen table and chairs. Finally, we vacuum and mop the floor for a shinny end.
Bedrooms: We clean the window sills, baseboards, picture frames, mirrors and furniture – making sure they are dusted. We can also make up the bed if linens are left on beds. Once the room is set – fresh and clean, we vacuum the floor.
Living room: We clean windows, including window sills, picture frames, side tables, coffee tables and furniture. We make sure your TV set is also great, by taking off accumulating dust. We finish the living room with a very thorough vacuuming.


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House Cleaning Services
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